My Ramblings

Welcome to my ramblings. I intend to update it just to tell you what is happening craftwise in my life.

Green, Blue & Purple


These are my favourite colours and are the ones that I associated with Tony, Laura and I! I don’t know why I associate the colours with us, I have thought about it, whether it is instinctive or to do with our birthdays/star signs and the colours and stones that are linked to them – I don’t know!!

Tony was born in early September, a Virgo and his stone is Sapphire – blue (yes, I do know that sapphires can be pink and other colours but when you say sapphire most people will think of blue) – from the softest pale blue through to the deep dark blue/black. A lot of his t-shirts are blue and it brings out the blue in his eyes!!!

Laura is born towards the end of August, she is a Leo, but on the cusp so she tips into Virgo. Her birth stone is peridot – pale yellow/green. She likes pale green colours but wears dark blues or blacks. I am currently crocheting a blanket/throw in blues and greens for Laura and I tend to weave her scarves/wraps and bags in the blue and green colours!

My birthday is in February and so I am an Aquarius, making my birth stone an amethyst – purple!!!

I don’t read or take much notice of horoscopes, I don’t really see how all of that works, as we are shaped by our genes and experiences in life.  But they say that the traits of a Virgo are practical, observant, logical, perfectionist and organised and I will say that I see those traits in Tony, he has the eye for the detail, and it has to be correct. He was a perfectionist with the book and also with this website.

I am the opposite in many ways and the traits for Aquarius are artistic, off beat, nonconformist, original (think this means eccentric!!!) and independent!!!

Back to colours, even though I really like these three colours, looking round our house, I don’t actually use them all that much, not on their own. I use all three colours in with others.

Blues – I immediately think of sky. I have a lot of blue fabric from pale through to midnight, a whole drawer that is stuffed and overflowing!!  I have made a star cot quilt in pale blue and two matching bed quilts for twins – blue stars for the boy twin and the pink stars for the girl twin. There is a flower (I do seem to use flowers a lot in my quilts and embroideries) quilt in pale spotty blue over the bannisters but overall there isn’t much blue in the house, except in clothes, I have a lot of blue scarves!!!

Green, is foliage and trees!! I have a lot of green fabrics, especially for the creating landscapes – Quilted postcards, Journal quilts and also wall hangings, I keep all of those in a separate bag with the sky blues, stone and path colours, it just makes it easier than going through lots of drawers to find the fabrics that I need and also have a lot of them!!! The green drawer is already over flowing!!! I am always looking out for greens, especially small self-coloured prints and blenders, when doing landscape work you can never have enough greens, be that in fabric, crayons or stranded embroidery thread or even sewing thread ….. I use greens a lot in quilts for leaves and also joining strips, it’s a colour that goes with so many other fabrics.

Purple, amethyst!!! And I do have pieces of it!!! Time and time again purples, fuchsia and red-violet, all pop up in my quilts – from the Floral quilt inspired by the Rose of Sharon design, through to Laura’s hexagon quilt (which only took me 18 years to make!!!) through to my scrap quilts. I don’t have a huge amount of purple fabrics, I used to have a lot more but as I have used them and gone to buy some more, there just, at the moment doesn’t seem to be the shades of purples that I want and like.

Purple does pop up around the house, in our bedroom, with the head board, boxes on top of the wardrobe and in the curtains and small accessories – vases, fabric box, wooden tulips… the other room that has touches of purple is the kitchen, the brita filter, my mugs and the candles in the silver candelabra, empty gin bottle with lights in! Our china is purple/blue….

Then a lot of my bits are purple, phone cover, Kindle cover - both its case and the protective fabric case, my purse and numerous scarves and also a couple of handbags!!! I also have a fair bit of purple yarn!!!

For me, greens, blues and purples are calming, soothing colours, I think of trees, grass, skies, water and heather, forget-me-nots, tulips, campanula - nature, wild or gardens.

Red, Orange & Yellow


After my last ‘Ramblings’ I got to thinking, I fell down a few rabbit holes, or would it be better to say I rambled off down a few lanes – I love walking and so don’t mind, my main problem is I have no sense of direction and it is rather apt that I just mentally ramble where ever it takes me!!! bit like going for a walk and getting us lost – thank goodness Tony has a brilliant sense of direction!!!

Well, I got thinking about colours, and how I feel and think about them more…

When I think of red as a colour, I think of Pillar box red or red roses – which I find totally creepy!!! Red roses remind me of blood and death, certainly not romance….. which in ancient times red did represent blood and fire!

With orange I think of the fruit!!! And with yellow, I guess I would say yellow ducks or dandelions!!! Or even egg yolk!

I would instinctively say I don’t use red or orange and I only use a very pale yellow but….

When you look at the colour wheel and shade cards - red covers red, orange-red, blue-red and magenta, then red slides into orange from the orange-red, through orange, yellow-orange, orange-yellow, golden yellow into yellow. And when I look at the colour cards and think of all I create and the stuff we have round the house, I realise that yes!!! I do use reds, oranges and yellows.

Starting with reds, I don’t often use a pure shade of red, although in the sitting room we have a Lego London bus and a VW camper van in red!! And we have touches of red around the house, in mugs and wooden tulips! I tend to go to the darker shades of red, the garnet, berry, wine, claret and burgundy (why are so many colour names based on food and drink?) Over the years I have used the darker shades for Christmas quilts, but the last one I made in the Makower Scandi fabrics was in a brighter shade, I just like the Scandi colours (neutral, grey and red) and the patterns. I tend to use reds when they are part of a fabric range – like the Scandi or the Tilda one used to make a hexagon quilt, again it was mixed with grey…

Magenta is the red colour that I use the most – I forget it’s listed in the red range, to me magenta and the pink shades are completely different colour!!! I use this range of shades a lot, from pale pink through to the bright shades, in quilts as flowers and for the joining strips. I also use a pink pen to tick when I have completed a task on my planner – not a red!!!

Pastel pinks, with pale yellows, greens, blues and lilac are colours I have used time and time again, for baby quilts through to adults, the soft shades all work together and sometimes I will create a quilt with stronger shades of magenta, yellow and orange – like Laura’s Owls or the daisy quilt – inspired by Gerbera daisies.

Looking round our home, yellow seems to be mostly the centres of flowers on quilts or yellow ducks!!! In the bathrooms, on Quilted postcards and just the odd one dotted here and there!!!

When I look at my fabric stash, the reds, oranges and yellows only fill one drawer, I don’t have a huge amount of them but the thing I have noticed is that I have moved away from plains over the years and I prefer blenders and small self-coloured pattern fabrics.



The thing that goes hand in hand with creativity for me is Colour!

Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain

Or Ruby, Amber, Saffron, Fern, Sky, Izzy and Heather! (this is Laura’s version remembered from the Rainbow Magic series of books!!!)

Colour is something that is all round us, we all react to different colours in different ways and have our favourites and colours that we instinctively don’t like. Around the world and in different cultures colours have different meanings.

Colours speak to me – I love looking at a tin of coloured pencils, from lemon cadmium through Imperial purple, Grass green, Copper beech to Chinese white! The names given to colours provoke the shades and feelings.

A DMC stranded embroidery cotton shade chart is beautiful – so many shades…..

It was one of the things I loved about running a haberdashery and wool department the colours – ribbons, sewing thread, embroidery cottons and all the yarns, even the buttons and zips! Soo many and soo much colour and I was surrounded by it!

I think my love of colour has grown as I have got older, I have got more confident and I use more colours in my creativity. I still have colours that I instinctively go to – blackberry, violet, lavender, amethyst, damson, cranberry and heather and then add in white, silver grey and black and that’s my favourite quilt colours! (For clothes black!!!)  But in the last few years the colours that I have around me has changed – at the moment on our bed is a quilt made from a Hoffman Bali pop and does it ‘pop’ with colour – fuchsia, oranges, lime green and purple, it is teamed with cushions in similar colours and then thrown over the headboard is a reindeer hide, that we brought back from a trip to the Norwegian Fjords!!! But in a few weeks I may change it for the heart hexagon quilt in shades of grey, the quilts and cushions change with my mood – that’s why most of the walls are painted a plain ‘natural calico’ colour, the colour is in the accessories, from quilts to cushions, ornaments to Le  Creuset mugs on the shelf in the kitchen.

Our home is not co-ordinated, it has grown organically into a hodge podge of colours and things, that we like and want to display, from stitched pictures of mine and Laura’s to Tony’s photographs, it’s not sleek or minimal but it is us! The cost of the item isn’t the important thing it’s the look and the feeling that we get from it, on top of the fridge is a framed stitchery done by Laura of teacups, displayed with it are empty Whitley Neil gin bottles with strings of lights inside in the same jewel tones as are in the stitchery.

The colours are what draws us in and in recent years our house has got a lot more colourful!!

When I am teaching, I will often ask new starters, ‘without thinking tell me your favourite colour and then the one you least like’, the answers are fascinating.  When a number of the class are working on the same project, the colours that each person choices are so different and they make the design look so different – I like to see them all lined up and they spark lots of conversations about colour and sometimes make people think about moving away from their ‘safe’ colours. Colours are a personal choice and a creative choice, they can change the look and feel of a quilt.

We all see colours in different ways and react to them differently, take a moment to look at a flower or a leaf and see just how many colours and shades make it up.



Laura follows a number of different people on Youtube, either historic costumers or book nerds!!! One of those that she follows is Cathy Hay - she is creating a copy of the Peacock Dress that is at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire (National Trust). This stunning but sadly faded and tarnished dress was made by the House of Worth in 1902 for Lady Mary Curzon. But one of the videos she has done is about creativity, ‘But what if you not creative?’.

This led Laura and I onto a big conversation about creativity and different types of creativity, not the first time we have talked about this!!!

I often hear in my class, I’m not creative like you.

No, you might not be creative like me, but then I think we are all creative in our own way, everybody is creative, just in different ways. I do feel that our society doesn’t understand/value creativity, and creativity covers so many areas, not just the sewing that Laura and I do, but music, art, baking, gardening, website design…….

Cathy Hay feels that there are two types of creative people convergent and divergent. Convergent is a logic form of creativity, those that look at a project and want to make it, copy it.  Divergent use more imagination and start with one idea and just explode into others.

It’s an interesting way of looking at creativity. If you take Laura and I, then Laura is a convergent creativity – she is logical, mathematical, follows a pattern and single idea – she loves cross stitch and blackwork, both set patterns and forms of working, but then she also loves Crewelwork and that isn’t logical and mathematical! For Laura crewelwork is as much about the historical ideas behind the work, the patterns and designs that have passed down from Tudor times. She will be the first to admit that she doesn’t do random, when she had to embroider seed stitch on a flower – randomly – it didn’t come naturally to her.

But I have found this time and again with teaching some people and I usually find that they are very logical and mathematical – maths teachers, bookkeepers and accountants, can’t DO random, they like and work better to an ordered design, they will usually prefer pieced patchwork designs – like nine patch designs.

I am on the other hand a divergent creative – I start with one thing and just go off in other directions!!! I am not logical and certainly not mathematical, I am not good with following a pattern, especially a written one. I make my own ideas and don’t do rules… sometimes it is really hard to keep focussed on one thing, the thing that I should be working on!!!

I do wonder how much of my creativity is instinctive and how much is learnt?

For instance, if you ask a child to draw a tree in a field, most will have a green field, with a tree with a brown truck and green top and the sky will be blue, one shade of colour for each piece. Once in a while you will get that ‘gifted’ child that will draw the tree with more colours and details.

If you said to me to draw that tree in a field I will use a bucket full of colours – different greens, with fawns, yellows, blues and reds for the field, the tree trunk and branches will be greens, browns, greys and the leaves will be fifty shades of green, well maybe six or so and then finally the sky will different shades of blues.

When I am out on a walk I ‘see’ all the colours and the shapes – that is just how I see the world, in shapes, patterns and colours, but I don’t know if that is instinctive or something that I have learnt over the years. Talking to Laura about it, she doesn’t – she has to look and then work out the colours and shapes – it’s not instinctive but in twenty years time, if she designs and creates more of her own embroidery works will she instinctively learn to just see all the shapes, patterns and colours?

As I have said I often hear in my classes someone says ‘I am not creative’, yes you are!!! You have chosen your fabrics and colours, you might be following a pattern I have written up, but you are choosing which pieces of fabric to put where and the layout, often you will ask, ‘can I just change this?’ – yes it’s your work, your creativity, I don’t mind and I like to see what you create.

Even with knitting or crochet, following a pattern, making something, you are being creative, you are making it in the colour and yarn you like and want. And all handmade things will be different, each of us works in a different way and creates something personal to us.

Whatever you create, we are all creative!!

Shapes and colours that caught my eye when we were out for a walk!

Tree House


We should have been on a Mediterranean cruise for the last two weeks, a complete break from work, but I am totally hopeless at doing nothing and relaxing! So, I always take something to make with me, for the last couple of years it has been a crochet project, as I have found I can do this anywhere and I don’t need to wear my reading glasses to do it (meaning I can sit on our balcony with sunglasses on and enjoy the sun!!!).

As the cruise has been cancelled for months, Tony cancelled most of his holiday and he has only had this week off, to relax, not that we have been able to sit out in the garden as it has been raining. I decided to take a week off from most of my creative sewing projects, I haven’t touched any quilts!! I have done a little cross stitch and crochet. My aim was to finish building the tree house that Tony gave me, months and months ago.

Tony’s big relaxing thing is building Lego models, now Lego is no longer the simple square and rectangle bricks of our childhood, these are complicated! We have Star Wars stuff, Apollo rocket and lots of vehicles – including a VW camper van and a London Bus. Tony has also got Laura into building bits, usually Harry Potter based and for over a year I had Hogwarts Castle on our kitchen table!!!! Since she doesn’t use her desk that has moved upstairs onto it. Now I have a roller coaster instead!!! As you do…

Tony knows of my love of trees and he decided to buy me the Tree House kit, I started it at the beginning of the year, but only got a bit of the trunk done, Tony and Laura make it look so easy to build this modern Lego but I really have to concentrate!!! It’s a bit like a 3D jigsaw puzzle and I am hopeless at jigsaws, I think my shape and spatial abilities are lacking!!! I am certainly not logical or mathematical like Tony and Laura, but each to their own. I decided that as this was our holiday I would spend this week building and finishing my tree house…..

And after a lot of ‘help I can’t find this piece I need’ and ‘I don’t understand where I am meant to put this piece’ and Laura coming to ‘help’ her poor Mamma, its finished!!!!

I have enjoyed doing it but I am also really pleased I have finished it, its amazing what can be created in little bits of interlocking plastic bricks and other shapes.

And now it’s time to get back to creating things in fabric, yarn and thread…… Christmas isn’t that far away….

Down The Rabbit Hole


In this house we use the saying Down the Rabbit hole an awful lot, from Alice in Wonderland, going down the rabbit hole after the white rabbit and falling into a weird and odd world, full of twists and turns and you never are quiet sure where you will arrive.

Each of us in our own way fall down the rabbit hole. Tony falls down them all the time with work – he is working on a procedure or task and this leads him off down another and another, finding more anomalies and problems…..

Laura falls down history rabbit holes, she comes across a name, usually after reading something to do with medieval history and from there she traces and follows their lives, families – the more complicated the family tree the more fun Laura has.

Me, I fall down design/idea ones!!!

Sometimes these rabbit holes just end up with me surfing the web and looking at photos/pictures and loosing time, time I should be doing something else!!!

On other occasions I end up down holes discovering new and interesting things – like Anna Marie Garthwaite, a designer for silk weavers or Marianne North, a fantastic Victorian painter whose work is displayed at Kew Gardens, the book on her work is on my wish list!!!

And then sometimes the rabbit holes end up with me creating drawings and then designs and this is the case with the ‘Library Window Seat’ journal quilt that I have created.

Up to now the journal quilts that I have created have always been landscape based, design ideas from Quilted Postcards ideas, that need a bit more space. They are machine appliqued and then further embellished with hand embroidered plants and flowers.

The ‘Library Window Seat’ is different, it is from Laura and I talking about books and ideal reading places, visits to Stately homes and their libraries and window seats and the rabbit holes of reading quotes!!! All jumbled around and out came this design….

There are a couple of other ideas running around my brain that need further thought and research ….. I wonder where these rabbit holes will lead me……

Quilt As You Go


I have finished another quilt - The Rose of Sharon quilt in blacks and greys. Like many of the quilts, it started out as a demonstration piece for my classes, how to hand applique and also showing the embroidery on the design. And like so many started pieces it got put away in a project bag to be finished whenever….

And the whenever was this month. I completed the final squares for the centre. Hand appliqueing the black was hard on the eyes, I had to have my stronger reading glasses and good natural light, so a job for during the day. In fact, the black fabrics used for the applique and the joining strips aren’t plain blacks, these I found are too solid black! I have used blender ones – Makower Dimples and Makower Essentials mini leaf pattern in black. They no longer do this one or the darker grey version, which is a real shame.

Originally I had thought that I would applique the borders with flowers but once the centre was together I decided that I wanted to machine piece the border. I wanted a more ‘solid’ looking border to frame the centre and also I like mixing florals/applique with machine pieced designs. Like most of the quilts I design this quilt is quilt-as-you-go, made in twelve pieces and joined together.

Quilt-as-you-go has been around for years, it is a far easier method of working than making a whole top and then layering with wadding and trying to quilt as a whole on a domestic machine. There are some designs that can’t be made using quilt-as-you-go like double wedding ring but there are a lot that can. Quilt-as-you-go is my preferred method of making, not just personally but also as a teacher, for a beginner to create a square and finish it isn’t as daunting as creating a whole quilt! I can create my quilts in pieces, from the applique or piecing through to the quilting and then when the pieces are finished put them together.

I was taught a method of quilt-as-you-go over 30 years ago, (Carolyn Forster’s book  Quilting-on-the-go, 2007, explains this method) it is fiddly, not something I taught to beginners because it was so easy to not get a really good finish and there was so many stages to it, it needed a lot of patience. I did teach it to the more experienced, in the Spring/Summer of 2010 I had been teaching a butterfly quilt with this method. When one of the ladies I taught returned in the Autumn of that year, she gave me a single sheet of printed instructions that her daughter in Canada had given, while over there on holiday, with a new method that they were using. She was struggling to understand it, it was just written instructions, no drawings or anything, could I show her how to do it?

I went home, read the instructions, panicked, read them again and then went hunting online, I managed to find a couple of videos, but really nothing else. I then played and worked out what the instructions meant. I then made some tweaks, that made it easier to do and that’s it I haven’t looked back since!!!!

In short, you create your quilt in pieces, be it applique or pieced, hand or machine work. You make your pieces, then you layer and quilt them. When you have made a section, you then join them together with joining strips (my videos explain how I do the joining, step by step). With the Rose of Sharon quilt, I made the centre four squares and joined them together. I then made four borders and corners squares. I joined the two side borders to the centre. Then I put the corners squares onto the other two borders before adding these borders to the quilt, then I added the binding and the quilt is finished. Have a look at the photo of the back of the quilt, you can see the sections clearly and the joining strips.

I find this method so simple to do and to teach, and you can make any size quilt, from a cot to a full king size quilt – all on your domestic machine!!!!



In all the years I have been doing the diary, which has now turned into the Ramblings, I have always kept it about what I am creating and making, I don’t tend to go off into other areas or more personal stuff.

But I think know is a good time for me to be a bit more personal, I am an introvert and I am not a confident person, I am a huge worrier, small things can easily turn into a huge mountain of worry for me. I am terrible before holidays or going out for the day. Luckily, Tony understands and is a massive support and over the years I have found ways of coping and lowing my anxiety levels, craft and creating are a huge part of this. I will always take something to do, be it a bag of hexagons to be tacked or at the moment crochet!

I have always found the winter months (November through to March) and especially Christmas a really hard time, I just want to curl up and ignore the world, if the days are grey and miserable then I find it hard to get motivated, no matter what is on my planners.

I do love planners and lists, I have a household planner with all the weekly, monthly, three monthly etc jobs, there is the meal planner and then on my work desk is the creative and teaching planner. Plus I have lists for everything….

I have been better over the winter months since I have worked from home, on brighter days I go out for walks, get light and just exercise, walking has always a great way to get my brain in gear, make plans, sort through things time.

But my biggest stress relief is being creative, from designing and creating quilts and Quilted Postcards, to weaving and crochet. But at the end of last year and the beginning of this, I got creative block – I just found that I was really struggling to create new ideas or designs, to work out how to create things. Which wasn’t good!

I know a lot has happened in my life, over the last few years and I guess I needed to have a break, step back, let myself process all that had been happening. I possibly wouldn’t have given myself the break I needed if we hadn’t ended up in Lockdown.

Through January and February, I mostly found I was working on weaving and my Granny square blanket as I really didn’t need to think about doing them, my hands where busy. When I had the energy then I was making the final few postcards, no designing needed as they had been done ages ago. Then we went into Lockdown, working on the book was a big focus and fulfilment of a dream. But since I have just not pushed myself, there is no goals, time limits and I have been working on either finishing quilts started in classes as demonstration pieces or other pieces, cross stitch, weaving, crochet, bowl fillers and the odd postcard, if I don’t want to do them, then I will read, do some housework (I really like cleaning!!! But not ironing), gardening or cooking – there’s no pressure to do things. I am slowly feeling more positive and getting my creative side back, I am starting to think of ideas and what I want to create next.

Sometimes you just have to give yourself time and space……



As I promised in my first ramblings, here is more about the two quilts that I finished in April.

The first was my Tulip Fields quilt. I really wasn’t going to start any more quilts… really! I have loads in the process of being finished and I had teaching work to think about but………Lewis & Irene, the fabric designers regularly post about new ranges and when they are coming out and a few months ago I saw the Tulip Fields range of fabric being showcased. As many of you might know, I love tulips and so, you can imagine that I was interested to see the patterns and colours. Tulips, windmills and little mice (no clogs!)

A big stockist of Lewis & Irene fabrics is Wool Warehouse, I have used them for wool, fabric and haberdashery supplies and they are very good. I went and had a look at the Tulip Fields range – fifteen fabrics and five coordinating Bumbleberries – I do like that the coordinating fabrics are on the same page, they weren’t out at the time I looked and so I made a note in my planner to order when they were out.

Fifteen is a lot of fabrics to use in a quilt, I had been thinking about the pattern I used for my ‘Conversation Quilt’ and then for Faded Glory Quilt, but neither felt right. I kept coming back to a very bad picture I had taken of floor tiles in the Royal Delft pottery in Holland, with a bit of reworking of the layout I finally came up with the design I used, which would work with the fifteen fabrics and then two coordinating bumbleberries – I could have gone for the bright colours but I thought the neutral ones are more me and they would show off the fabrics better.

It was a very quick and easy design to cut and piece together. Then I had to design the quilting, the fabric was the inspiration – it had to be a tulip!! I wanted it to look like I had scattered tulip flowers all over the top!!! I quilted them in four variegated threads that matched in with the colours of the tulips in the fabric.

Once all the nine squares were finished, making up was simple as it is a quilt-as-you-go system of making. And my quilt was finished, it hasn’t been used on our bed yet, it is still folded over the back of my workroom chair, so I can see and stroke it!!!

(Laura says I use far too many !!!! and so I am trying not to use as many!!!)

The second quilt I finished was Nowhere Near a Thousand Pyramids. One of my afternoon class had seen a picture of a Thousand Pyramids quilt in a book and she wanted to now how to make it, as she was thinking about it for her next project and asked me to demonstrate it. The only ‘set’ of fabrics I had that all worked together was a pack of fat quarters in Andover Trinkets range that I had got as a magazine subscription and had been sitting in the cupboard for a while. I made up a couple of rows and did the demonstration in class (the lady decided it wasn’t a design for her – she decided to do a Trip Round the World quilt!!), then it got put in a project bag to be finished when I had time. I had time in April.

I finished the centre, creating a panel of pyramids. I had a crisis with the quilting, I had imagined doing a fairly complicated continuous line square quilting pattern in the middle and then a ‘frame’ in a matching design round the square, all quilted in a variegated green thread. Because of the colours it was impossible to mark the design straight onto the fabric. I draw the square onto stitch n’ tear, tacked in the centre and started stitching, I did a quarter and thought I would tear away a bit of the paper and see what it was like – horrible!!! I totally disliked the design and the green thread didn’t work. At this point the panel was still on the machine, needle in the fabric, but it quickly got taken out and the stitch n’ tear removed and carefully unpicked all the quilting. I quick press and ……. I left it for that day to allow me time to think.

In the end I quilted in black thread and along the edges of the pyramids.

The borders were easy, I knew I wanted to do a floral design and Accuquilt Go! Round flower was the ideal flower to work for the design, quick cutting and sticking and then machine applique/quilting and the borders were ready.

The corners I had already decided to do in squares, they just worked with the whole design and I had just enough fabric to do them. It was just a matter of putting all the finished pieces together and another quilt finished.

It has gone off to its new home…

And onto the next quilt to be finished for me….

My first "Ramble"


Welcome to the new website, with it we are going to have a change on me posting stuff, waffle, blurb, ramblings… Gone is the monthly diary instead will be this ramblings. Because of the new design and complicated technical stuff (Tony’s area) it is easier to add posts and pages. So, I will be rambling when I have things to ramble about!!!

As you have, hopefully seen, we have self-published The Book! This has been a project that was started over five years ago, every time I started to work on the designs and making the postcards, life got in the way!! At the end of last year, I decided I had to really work on it, or give up, which Tony and Laura wouldn’t let me.

I finished all the postcards, designs and instructions just before Easter and handed all of it to Tony and he spent his weeks holiday, photographing and creating the book, with Laura and I holding spot lights, writing out information and reading through numerous proofs!

Even though its my name on the front of the book, I couldn’t have done it without Tony or Laura, this is a family creation.

On other things I finished the Tulip Field Quilt and also Nowhere Near Thousand Pyramids Quilt in April, more of them on another ramble, I think. Plus some Quilted postcards, hoop art embroideries, bowl fillers and a wired leaves wreath!